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My name is Heidi and this is my personal Lipsense review. Lipsense liquid lipstick is a game changer in the makeup world and that is why wanted to write my own review about the product. I love this product and I hope that my review will help people figure out there is more behind the craze of Lipsense.

I used to never wear lipstick before I discovered Lipsense, or much makeup at that. Lipstick does not last all day long and ended up in such a mess that it was not worth it. I would apply Lipstick in the morning while getting ready and by the end of the day the lipstick would transfer to my clothes, cups, and family members. I like to drink a gallon of water a day and when I wore lipstick it would be gone before lunch time. The biggest thing that I used to not like about wearing lipstick was not being able to kiss my husband! He hated getting any sort of lipstick on him so while I was wearing lipstick he would never kiss me.

I’m not the kind of person who likes to check their makeup all day long. I have two daughters that keep me on my toes, businesses to run and life to live. So my makeup routine used to just consist of putting on mascara because that was the only product I owned that lasted all day. I like to put makeup on once and then go conquer my day. There was nothing on the market that truly lasted all day in the makeup world. There is plenty of marketing for products that claim to last day, but they really don’t. I’ve tried a lot of products that advertise for long lasting wear but they never worked. Because I couldn’t find anything I stopped wearing makeup (except for mascara) for a long time.

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Then I was introduced to Lipsense. My mom’s co-worker is a distributor and she told my mom about the product. My mom quickly purchased a few colors and a gloss, then she told me about it. At first it was hard to believe that there is a liquid lipstick out there that lasts all day long because of how many other products that I’ve tried that didn’t work.  

I was blown away with my results. Lipsense is completely different from any other lip product on the market (all the rest of their makeup line as well). It is a liquid lipstick that bind to your lips to provide a smudge, water, and kiss proof lipstick. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? It really isn’t! Lipsense does last all day without budging and that is why so many women love it (including me!).

When I wear Lipsense I can drink a gallon of water a day, kiss my children and husband as many times as I want and my lipstick won’t go anywhere. And the best part is that Lipsense only needs to be applied once a day. That is why I love the product. I don’t have to worry about reapply my makeup at all.

I can finally enjoy wearing makeup because it stays in place. On top of lasting all day, Lipsense hydrates my lips and makes them feel softer. I used to wear a Lipstain when I’d go on dates with husband because it lasted longer than lipstick. Lipstains still transferred, weren’t kiss proof and they dried my lips out. Lipsense does not use any wax (making it vegan!) in their product. When you use waxy products is creates a barrier on your lips, which leaves them not getting enough moisture to dry out and the wax builds up on your lips. Since I have been wearing Lipsense I haven’t had to moisture my lips nearly as much!

I highly recommend Lipsense because it lasts all day long and hydrates lips! What other lipstick does? None! J There is no other liquid lipstick like out there. Lipsense makes it easy for me to wear lipstick because I can put in on and forget about it. There is no more worrying about lipstick or makeup anymore! I hope that my review is helpful and I would love to connect with you if you have any questions

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